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Adoremus Pilgrimage 2019

Walsingham, my home of: solace, reconciliation, companionship.

I made my first journey to Walsingham having been encouraged by the words of Pope Francis. His exact words I do not remember unfortunately but I ‘listened’ and what an invaluable experience it has been.

Adoremus is a wonderful weekend experience which brings together young adults in deepening our faith – on the topics of vocation, evangelism, and living out our Christian faith. Not only do we get to learn from the great model of young Priests, we also have the chance to share our thoughts amongst ourselves. Many of us on Adoremus come from parishes where the lack of other like-minded young people makes these discussions even more enlightening! I am constantly simply overjoyed being in the midst other young Christians and more so, Anglo-Catholics; with whom I have formed great friendships.

The first visit to the Holy House always leaves me in awe; to Our Lady’s courageous declaration in saying ‘Yes’ to God. Walsingham is my home where I renew this Yes with the Blessed Virgin Mary, being my constant guide.

During the course of the weekend, we have the opportunity to receive the healing ministries through the laying on of hands, anointing with holy oil, sprinkling at the Well. You are encouraged to ‘come as you are’ because in proclaiming the gospel no one is ever excluded! How wonderful it is to know this!

The Sunday perfectly coincides with the glorious Feast of Christ the King, with mass attended at St Mary & All Saints Church. This I find keeps the flame of our faith burning as we journey on – to forever proclaim Christ as our one true redeemer.

The teachings on Adoremus have positively moulded my life immeasurably:

“Go to church on Sunday” – It not only feeds us, as only Christ will nourish our souls but it also sets us apart not because we are superior, but as God’s chosen children. This is a constant reminder of our identity in Christ and the duty that comes with it; making Him known to the world through our lives. And as we see Christ present in the Eucharist, so must we see Him in the poor.

“No vocation is ever better or less than the other”

No matter what my calling is, in this very moment I know we are all called to holiness, to love. I have since begun to take an active participation in the church and I am thankful to have had an incredibly supportive Vicar, Fr. Phillip Corbett, who has enabled me to do so.

My dear young people, through our baptism we are called to a greater mission. Christ is always calling us and Walsingham welcomes you, and we have each other to help us on the way!

Sandra Baiden

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